A Journey Off Recipe, Off Road, and Outside the Plan

I wear mismatched socks, and never follow the recipe! Take a walk on my wild side.

This blog started during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, to keep me focused on possibilities and the hope that we’d all be out and about again one day very soon. As of April, 2020, It may be longer than we hope for, but here’s to all of us staying safe and healthy, and running into each other on the road some day!

Recipes and Memories
Cranking the bread bucket, North Reading circa 1965. L-R: Lorraine, Mo, Bill, me

Mad Tastes includes a collection of my recipes. They may be invented, remembered or adapted, but all are recipes I’ve made and or shared with others. I’m also including tips and tricks related to the cookware and gadgets. My mom, Lillian, taught me how to cook out of an engraved french cookbook she got before she got married. She never claimed to be an amazing cook but she literally got our hands into the dough. I think she’d love the recipes featured here.

No Calories to Look
Oysters before dinner – Moonstones, Chelmsford, MA

Reading about it is one thing, but I’ve discovered that many people like the photos I take of restaurants, food, and especially beverages. Of the 378 (and counting) photos I’ve featured on Google Maps, I’ve had over 1.3 Million views! It’s fun to see the numbers climb, but so much more fun to explore new places. My goal for 2020 was to hit 1 Million views which I did early on. Here’s hoping I can hit 2 Million before year end! Start drooling!

My Passion
  • Go with your heart
  • Try something new
  • Do it all with family and friends.

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