Quinn and I at church services, the blessing of the animals

There are many sides to me. From blogger to hiker to barbershop singer. I am a foodie, a dog momma, and a freelance marketer. I’m also “that aunt” together with my wife and our menagerie living life in a way that works for us. My sister gave us a plaque last Christmas.

Looking forward, looking back, and sharing it all

When the COVID-19 lockdown began, I found myself working longer hours with fewer breaks. I sought an escape from the days that blended one into another. So I cooked and experimented with recipes a lot. It was a comfort to me and gave me a creative outlet during a time when the need for creativity seemed slim. I also posted pictures on Facebook that had my friends drooling. And during those days, weeks, months, and eventually years we sat indoors dreaming of the day we could travel freely once again, I did a lot of thinking about that day in the future when I’d report to myself rather than have multiple people telling me what to do. Thankfully, that day has arrived, and while I’ve been away from this blog for over a year, now that I am retired, I am moving back towards the life I dreamed of.

This blog is a reflection of the adventures and experiments of the “Days of COVID” and a glimpse into my new life, in our new home, and discovering new places to roam and recipes to enjoy. Sharing my recipes, sharing places I’ve been or will go, and sharing memories of family, friends, events, and dreams before the world changed in ways we never would have imagined except in some strange sci-fi novel or random Netflix movie we discovered on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

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