#MondayMemories – A promise I hope to keep

It’s not a unique hashtag. But it’s a commitment – I’ve decided to set myself a goal. Starting today, I’m posting every Monday (I’m positive that will happen) with memories of food or eating. Maybe it’s a post about learning to fry fish with my father. Maybe you’ll hear again about my cooking adventures with my mother (have you read my post about my mother teaching me to make a cake? ). Maybe I’ll share the time I made Dry Dal for a history class at school or ate Champagne Chicken in Junior High and worried I’d get drunk. Or perhaps it’ll be a memory of a favorite place. Follow along and you just may find yourself mentioned in this space!

Is it food or company that makes the party?

Growing up, whenever we had something to celebrate, we went out to eat or made some special dish at home. This week I had memories popping up on Facebook from last year. There was a great picture of three members of my quartet posing with a pretzel. The smiles tell the story. 

Those smiles tell the whole story!

Traditionally we attend our annual competition in Springfield, MA. And to kick off the weekend, we have a Girls Night Out in Springfield on the Thursday before the weekend. Those nights out are a welcome break between the busy day to day lives we lead, and the sudden immersion into a weekend of barbershop (24/7 a capella even when the hotel says we can’t sing in our rooms!) 

I’ve been competing in Sweet Adelines quartets and choruses since 1988 and I’ve seen a lot of restaurants come and go in Springfield. But we always find one we love and we always have fun! Some funny locations we’ve found (which are no longer around) included:

  • A rundown martini bar that offered top-shelf martinis and a manicure upstairs for $10
  • A wonderful Italian restaurant that offered free limoncello shots at the end of our meal
  • A jazz bar that turned into a disco at 9 pm
  • A spaghetti house without the ability to seat large parties, so we had to walk around and sing to each other. That was a crazy loud night!

I’ve had a quartet member chase a police car down the street… maybe she had one too many glasses of wine.

We’ve worn matching outfits (and far more rhinestones that needed) to dinner.

We’ve sung for celebrities in a local club.

We’re not having our competition this year because of COVID-19. But we are hopeful that we’ll be back singing together (and eating together) soon.

I’d love to hear about your special place to celebrate and what makes it great.