Why I’m suddenly writing a blog

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So why blog now? It’s a good question and one posed to me as I start on this project. I’m blogging now because about  10 years ago I had a blog on hiking that I really enjoyed. At that time my mother, who lived with us, was dealing with major health issues, and my father-in-law was dealing with brain cancer.

Woman climbing a metal ladder
Sometimes you just need an escape. Photo by Vinicius Altava on Pexels.com

Overwhelmed isn’t a good way to live

My wife and I both found “overwhelmed” to be our daily existence. I wanted to find something we could do together that would get us out of the house. So I started a blog called 52-B4-52. It represented 52 State/National Parks we wanted to visit before I turned 52. It was a crazy goal allowing less than a year to travel to all those parks and with so much going on people asked “why add another thing to your plate?

But it gave us something to think about that was separate from caring for aging parents, different than our 9 – 5 jobs, and away from our overwhelming every day. It was a break from the usual and set a map of discovery for us. We visited inner-city parks, parks that were closed, parks that were open but ravaged by fire, and even a park that was just a lone statue hidden near a highway commuter lot, with access difficult to find and grown over with weeds. It got us out there, it gave me a chance to write and discover that I liked writing about places and new things. And it gave both of us a chance to get back into photography. It was an adventure when it seemed like life wasn’t leaving us time or place for anything but worry, frustration, and heartache.

What I did during the Stay-at-Home Advisories of the COVID-19 Pandemic

So flash forward 10 years and we’re stuck working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hard to believe, but we’re heading into our 8th week working from home. Days are blending into each other. It’s difficult to find something different to do, and oh so easy to just keep working since there’s nowhere to go anyway. Outdoor adventures aren’t as easy to come by, restaurants, breweries, and wineries are closed for now or require we wear masks, and we find ourselves making zoom calls to friends and family, remembering the fun we had when the world was open and we were free to discover new places, and share experiences with each other.

My wife and I wearing easter napkins as face coverings.
Sometimes fancy cloth napkins come in handy

I also find myself cooking more, and sharing photos of the food I’ve been making on Facebook. I get requests constantly to share my recipes. And so as I gave some thought to what I’d like to do when I’m retired (because yeah, my mind floats all over the place some days), I thought some type of coffee shop or roastery, some type of gift shop… but I’d love to get started now! And the easiest way to do that is to start a blog. …Sharing recipes, tips on restaurants, wineries, breweries, and information related to it all.

So why should you follow my blog?

I’ve been told I’m a good person to know when it comes to restaurant recommendations. I don’t mind doing a bit of research, and then tracking a place down when I’m in the area.

  • Looking to live vicariously?
  • Heading to a place I’ve been and wonder where to go?
  • Have an afternoon free and want a fun restaurant? Brewery? Winery?
  • Just want a different recipe to try for sharing, or a solution to a problem related to any of this?

This is the place to check first! It won’t always be fancy, it won’t always be cheap, but I’m hoping it’ll be a place or a recipe or a tip that you enjoy enough to share again!