Author: madeline2020

Living on an island just south of Niagara Falls and building a business plan for the next chapter of my life! This time one that involves travel, food, baking, and being my own boss! Writing on recipes, restaurants, breweries/wineries, and fun places to visit. Life does NOT end when you retire! I can guarantee it.
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Two loaves of zucchini bread

Spiced Zucchini Bread with Figs and Pumpkin Seeds – Eating Healthy in the New Year

I recently got way more zucchini than I could use. So I made a zucchini bread, but added figs and pumpkin seeds. Sooo yummy. Just mix up the wet ingredients, mix up the dry, stir them together and bake. Easy and done in under an hour!

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White sugar, zest and egg yolks

A Simple Citrus Curd

I love lemons, and the more I cook the more I realize they have a place in pretty much every recipe! With this recipe it’s an opportunity to add tangy sweetness to any dessert. Well, maybe not chocolate cake, but then again, your choice! A simple recipe for citrus curd, with some alternatives and some ideas for using it. Why not check out my pavlova recipe, too? The perfect place for a zingy curd like this.